Italian cookie easy

Italian cookie easy

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Le chiacchiere o bugie (sweet of Carnival)

250 g of flour2 eggs25 g of butter20 g of granulated sugara small glass of brandysugar abundant oilfor frying (or lard)a pinch of saltToolsThe pasta machinea wheel cutterequipped with a pan to fry basketPreparation
 Prepare the ingredients Let soften the butter from the refrigerator and cut into small pieces. Gather the flour, mix in the salt, make a fountain, combine the granulated sugar and pour in the middle of the lightly beaten eggs and bits of butter.

 Work to Begin kneading the dough with your fingertips: the first mix the eggs and butter with the sugar and flour, then pour a glass of brandy and knead the dough with both hands by combining, if necessary, even a little 'brandy.

 Divide into pieces When the pasta is homogeneous, a ball, cover with a towel and let rest for half an hour, take it back and divide it into 3-4 pieces. Flatten a piece and pass between the rollers of pasta machine set on the space larger.

 Roll out the dough rolls Bring a notch and ripassatevi the dough, folded into 3 parts, introducing it in the opposite direction to the previous year. Repeat a few times, then continue to spend the dough between the rollers squeezing as space, until the last notch.

 Cut out the shapes Continue this until you have laid out all the dough, then, with a toothed wheel, cut the dough into rectangles about 10x6 cm and 10x2 cm strips of approx. Slit in two points and rectangles softly knotted strips.

 Fry the Heat plenty of oil in the pot talking to the fried, while it is hot, soak up the chatter, turn it gently, drain well browned, place them on absorbent kitchen paper and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

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