Italian cookie easy

Italian cookie easy

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Artichokes and potatoes

Today I made a recipe that my mom always prepares! A delicacy unique, a perfectsecond. Artichokes and potatoes are in fact a complete and I believe there is no need to say more, if anything just a few slices of bread!

Two Artichokes
2 medium potatoes
1 clove garlic
A teaspoon of dried oregano
Extra virgin olive oil


     * Clean the artichokes and cut into six slices. In order not to tarnish them soak in abowl with the lemon juice.
     * Peel the potatoes and cut spicchietti the same size of the artichokes.
     * Peel the garlic, crush it and brown it in a pan with oil.
     * Add the potatoes, artichokes, well drained, a pinch of salt, oregano and fry gentlyfor all five, six minutes.
     * Pour a glass of water, cover and cook over low heat for about twenty minutes.
     * When they are well cooked with a rich scent of pepper and serve hot.

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