Italian cookie easy

Italian cookie easy

Thursday, January 27, 2011

macaroni with pesto and prawns

This recipe really like my boyfriend! but I do not often because my magus despite notdigest the pesto! So I must eat this dish at lunch until the evening so I can digest thepesto! I have tried to buy even the pesto without garlic, eating home-made by my momor grandmother, but the situation has not changed! So I came to the conclusion that thecombination of ingredients that my stomach does not like them:)

180 g penne half
50 g of frozen shrimp
1 package of fresh pesto (about 90 g)
2 tablespoons cream
Black pepper
Extra virgin olive oil


     * Defrosting shrimp in a pan with a little oil.
     * Add the pesto, cream spoons and let thicken.
     * Add salt and pepper.
     * Cook the pasta in salted water.
     * Drain the pasta and mix with the shrimp sauce.

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