Italian cookie easy

Italian cookie easy

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Appetizers: shrimp cocktail and shrimp

The shrimp cocktail and shrimp is a variant of one of the most classic appetizersdinner on Christmas Eve, an event where the fish becomes protagonist ... Instead ofthe classic shrimp cocktail with cocktail sauce appetizer this has shrimp, scallops anda citrus dressing by original flavor, which will vary this classic appetizer without themouth to be debated by traditionalists.

Ingredients for the shrimp cocktail and shrimp (serves 4):

 # 12 shrimp
# 12 prawns
# radicchio, 1 head
# half baguette
# 2 dl white wine
# plain yogurt
# extra virgin olive oil
# mustard
# lemon juice
# parsley
# rooms
# pepper
       Put the wine to boil in a pot with 3 liters of water, add a sprig of parsley, salt andadd the shellfish to which you pulled the head and you have deprived of black thread, causing them to boil for one minute, then drip.
       Clean the radicchio, wash, dry and taglietelo into pieces. Reduce and dicedbaguette and toast in the oven. Meanwhile, prepare a citrus dressing with the juice of half a lemon, a tablespoon of yogurt, salt and pepper, a pinch of mustard spoon, stirwith a whisk and emulsified with olive oil. You should have a creamy sauce.
       Place radicchio in the cups and seafood, season and serve with the sauceobtained.

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