Italian cookie easy

Italian cookie easy

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Chocolate bread

After a while 'time, yesterday, I used again my beautiful bread machine.
I decided to make the chocolate bread for the first time, following the directions I have in my cookbook.
But I am not very happy, because I was expecting a sweeter bread, he knew a lot of chocolate. Instead, it is not. I followed all the instructions and the bread is cooked perfectly.
Most likely to be true!

400 ml of milk
100 g low-fat quark
1.5 teaspoons salt
1.5 teaspoons of sugar
600 g whole wheat flour
10 tablespoons cocoa
100 g of milk chocolate, chopped
1 package dry yeast


     * Always follow the instructions in the bread machine for the inclusion of ingredients.
     * Remove the baking pan from the unit by pulling straight up.
     * Enter the recipe ingredients into the baking pan.
     * Insert the first liquid, sugar, salt, then flour and baking powder.
     * Turn on and let the bread machine carries out the various phases of work.

Note: Use milk chocolate or semifondente. Sprinkle the surface of the dough, after processing, a spoon of milk. The surface will be darker.

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