Italian cookie easy

Italian cookie easy

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas fish recipes: smoked salmon puff

Fritters with smoked salmon are perfect for an elegant appetizer to accompany theappetizer on Christmas or other holidays, or they can be part of a mixed seafoodappetizer or buffet on New Year's appearance. They are very easy to prepare, beautiful to see and above all tasty and certainly appreciated by our customers, we suggest youprepare them together with other types of cream puffs and salty cheese such as those on the red caviar.
* puffs or eclairs (they are prepared with dough puffs but stretched instead of beinground) that you can get ready at the supermarket or your pastry chef / baker of trust, orprepare yourself with our recipe for cream puffs
     * cream cheese, for instance like Philadelphia, goats or cows' milk (like those ofCademartori or Mauri)
     * organic lemons
     * Smoked salmon (also fine clippings that you can buy at a reduced price)
     * fresh dill
     * ground black pepper or crushed at the time


The preparation of these puffs is very easy and fast.

Cut the salmon into very small cubes.

Put the cheese in a bowl chose to room temperature and knead with a little 'pepper theground when and lemon zest.

Add the salmon and cheese and stir.

Open the cream puffs and fill with the mixture. Garnish with dill.

If you want you can also decorate with slices of smoked salmon placed above orbetween the filling and the cover.

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