Italian cookie easy

Italian cookie easy

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Light fare: cream of chicken

The cream of chicken is a variant of any good soup. Served piping hot, with somecrunchy croutons, is also a light meal. In fact, a serving has only 230 calories, andmade using a very short time. The creaminess is given by the low-fat yogurt, whichcertainly has less fat and calories of its regular cream. With a dish like this can start a meal that includes a full second, to be lighter on your guests. This preparation can alsobe enriched with other ingredients like chanterelle mushrooms.

Ingredients for the cream of chicken (serves 4):

* 1 chicken breast 500 g
     * onion, carrot, celery
     * laurel
     * Port
     * 150 g yogurt
     * extra virgin olive oil
     * salt
     * peppercorns


Chop the herbs and put to fry in a pan with 3 tablespoons oil and add the chicken breast cut into cubes, cook a bit 'and then pour half a glass of port and once thealcohol has evaporated, pour a quart hot water, then the bay leaves and peppercorns.

Also add the salt and simmer for half an hour, then strain the broth and drain wellchicken and vegetables, removing the bay leaf and put in the glass of the mixer,wetting them with the broth.

Pour the cream of chicken produced in a pot, then pour the boiling broth and letthicken. Turn, add the yogurt and serve with the croutons.

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